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International Swing-a-Chicken Day!

Not only do I understand, I've got citations:

The picture's gone already, but if anyone's still not getting it, look under Kapparot (or if you really want a picture, kapparot) and according to my Shulchan Aruch,

Men select roosters and women select hens, while a prengant woman takes both a rooster and a hen; a rooster is taken because the child might be male.... By no means should we imagine that the fowl atones for us, but we should reflect that what is done to the fowl [ed it's killed before it's flung about] should properly be done to us because of our sins. ... It is customary to throw out the intestines of the fowl, the liver and the kidneys, on the roof or in the court, where the birds may fetch it, because it is fitting to take pity on living creatures [ed except chickens, apparently] on that day, so that pity may be shown to us from Heaven.
I've never belonged to a synagogue which practiced this, though casting sins (bread, rocks, evil thoughts) into flowing waters is something that we've usually managed.

Posted by Jonathan Dresner at October 14, 2005 08:02 PM

Judaism is a fascinating blend of ancient superstition and common sense.


Posted by Anne at October 19, 2005 09:48 AM