Comments: Hmmm

What's ironic about the Japan trade thing is that the standards Japan wants for its beef are the same standards that the US beef industry proposed after the Mad Cow case was found. I'm entirely unsure where the resistance to fuller testing is coming from, but Congress (i.e. Republicans) is holding firm. There's huge money behind this, and I don't know whose it is. Yet.

Posted by Jonathan Dresner at October 26, 2005 01:23 PM

If Congress is fighting it, it's because the Big Business packing houses are fighting it. I'm not sure who'd have to undertake the expense of inspection, but I suspect it's those same slaughterhouses meat-packing firms.

Some, of course, insist that the USofA meat supply is very safe and that 100% testing will just freak out the meat-eating public. They insist that it's just more useless and intrusive government interference in private business.

The state of the food industry in this country is rather scary to those of us who have done any reading on the topic. I think it's a testament to how strong our bodies' disease-fighting powers are that more people don't die from food poisoning every year.

Posted by Anne at October 27, 2005 08:11 AM