Comments: Old Ideas

He says good things, though he runs together policies and values. I'd say the values of the Enlightenment are eternal and unchanging, but the specific policies one might create from them are subject to obsolecence. Ideally, we could be flexible about policy while remaining unwavering in our committment to the underlying values.

Posted by Lawrence Krubner at November 15, 2005 04:52 PM

I think it's difficult not to run together policies and values. And I don't think it's a bad idea to reiterate values frequently.

I think it could be said that there's a significant portion of the USofA public, including some of our elected officials, who aren't that enamoured of Enlightenment-era values these days.

And while I agree that policies should remain flexible, I think Dr. Fallon's suggestion that some "old" policies are still valid today is quite true. He may actually be talking about values all the way through, and just naming policies because most people are more familiar with comparatively recent government policies than they are comfortable with discussing the Enlightenment?

Posted by Anne at November 16, 2005 09:07 AM