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Sorry, Anne. I just like your blog. Maybe I'm a "girlyman."

Posted by Dr. Fallon at November 15, 2005 02:46 PM

I think it was Jeanne over at Body and Soul who remarked that the biggest (in terms of audience) female blogs were all right-wing - Malkin and others. She had a wonderfully sarcastic line about that. I think it went, "On our side, we have such respect for women that there is no need to listen to what women actually say."

At first glance at the liberal blogosphere, superstar female writers seem to be missing. I've theories about why that might be (assuming the phenenemna is real and not just a statistical blip). One idea is that male bloggers on the left are more willing to let female bloggers join up as co-bloggers, therefore the women end up not having their own blogs. What happened to Amanda Marcotte would be an example of that - once she'd proven she was a great writer she was invited to join a male blog. Maybe if she hadn't her own personal blog would have eventually attracted an audience of millions? I guess we could add up the big group blogs of the left and compare them to the big group blogs of the right, and see which ones had more women.

Or maybe, for reasons that elude me, on the left there are more medium sized female blogs, and less really big ones?

Posted by Lawrence Krubner at November 15, 2005 04:19 PM

"Sometimes I get the feeling I read people's posts and wind up having an entirely different conversation than the one they wanted to have."

That's not a bad thing, is it?

Posted by Lawrence Krubner at November 15, 2005 04:22 PM

The only two (primarily) political blogs I read are women-written and not terribly moderate: this and Avedon's Sideshow. I read stuff from the right side of things, too, but almost entirely male bloggers (though HNN's Klinghoffer is a glaring exception -- no I don't recommend her, I just read her).

As far as gender and communications goes, I've often scored as pretty balanced on standard male-female axes.

Does it mean anything? Yes: Don't Overgeneralize Anecdotal Evidence.

Posted by Ahistoricality at November 15, 2005 04:55 PM

Dr. Fallon - Heh. I doubt it. But I'm glad you like the blog.

Posted by Anne at November 16, 2005 08:17 AM

Having considered the topic further (okay, for five seconds), I've decided that the, "The Left spawns more solid mid-sized female blogs" is a good answer.

Maybe on the Right, women with voices are still something of an anomaly (and, like Wonkette, they have to talk about sex to be noticed). On the Left, they're just part of the landscape.

What I'm saying is something similar to what Jeanne was saying, without the snarky reference that no one is listening, because I think people are listening. (Heck, people are listening to me and I've never understood why.)

While there are many women's blogs on the Left that I really enjoy, I haven't really seen one where I wind up wondering why the "voice" hasn't grabbed the popular attention enough to become a superstar.

It's not like there are hundreds or even dozens of "superstar" blogs from men. There are a scant handful, and each of them offers something specific that helped push it to the top. It could be that there's just no single woman's blog that's found itself such a niche. (It might be worthwhile to analyze the few "superstar" male blogs to see what made them popular, during this discussion.)

Anyhow, the same could be said of blogs from people of color or blogs from people in the GLBT community. None of them are generally considered "superstars" although there's a solid representation of "mid-sized" blogs from those communities.

(Frowning. Maybe not Latino. I'm not sure I have a Latino blog on my blogroll. It's a perspective I should I'll go look for them and see if I can find one I enjoy reading.)

Posted by Anne at November 16, 2005 08:32 AM

I'm officially discriminating against you. Oh, wait....

Posted by Lab Kat at November 16, 2005 09:15 AM

Heh. Loses a little of its punch, doesn't it?

Tell you what...come back and enter a fake male name and then discriminate against me.

If you want, I'll do you the same favor in return. I haven't linked to you in a while and I really enjoy your blog.

Posted by Anne at November 16, 2005 10:46 AM