Comments: Both Sides Now

Here's another tourist's view of the hell on earth we've created from the WaPo:

"At every point, there was part of me resisting, part of me enjoying," Lagouranis said. "Using dogs on someone, there was a tingling throughout my body. If you saw the reaction in the prisoner, it's thrilling.
"In Mosul, he took detainees outside the prison gate to a metal shipping container they called "the disco," with blaring music and lights. Before and after questioning, military police officers stripped them and checked for injuries, noting cuts and bumps "like a car inspection at a parking garage." Once a week, an Iraqi councilman and an American colonel visited. "We had to hide the tortured guys," Lagouranis said.
Then a soldier's aunt sent over several copies of Viktor E. Frankel's Holocaust memoir, "Man's Search for Meaning." Lagouranis found himself trying to pick up tips from the Nazis. He realized he had gone too far.
At that point, Lagouranis said, he moderated his techniques and submitted sworn statements to supervisors concerning prisoner abuse.
"I couldn't make sense of the moral system" in Iraq, he said. "I couldn't figure out what was right and wrong. There were no rules. They literally said, 'Be creative.' "
Good to have you back - even if only for a little while...

Posted by Azael at June 5, 2007 04:04 PM

Azael, thanks for the link and the excerpts. I don't think many of us understand how thin the veneer of "civilization" is. Until, like that man, we realize we've crossed the line.

(I'm trying to avoid headlines that get me all aggravated--but some days it's hard!)

Posted by Anne at June 7, 2007 01:48 PM


Posted by Bill at June 30, 2007 05:13 PM