Comments: Is It Sad To Have A Brain? (don't read this)

"That isn't where I was originally going, but I've lost the thread. When in doubt, just blame Republicans and move onů."
You had a wonderful post and then you had to go there. It's not funny. Air America Radio is no more, MSNBC gets lousy ratings. As The Progressive Review pointed out this week, these little jabs aren't helping us.
That 'joke' had nothing to do with the essay you were writing.
And it really just turned the whole thing into a petty and tired piece of nonsense. Petty because we control both house and the White House and you're offering 'jokes' about Republicans. Tired because that might have passed for semi-amusing last decade.

Posted by Ed at January 29, 2010 08:54 AM

*headscratch* Well, I'm sorry I offended you. When I get to aimlessly ranting, as I often do, there's often no real point involved. I'm just wound up about something.

These posts are not "essays" in any sense of the word, you know. An "essay" implies thoughts, deeper thoughts, re-reading, editing, and (one assumes) some degree of coherence. I'm just typing. Admittedly, "stupid Republican" jokes are no longer trendy, but as I started making them long before they were trendy (after I got my first taste of 'Reaganomics'), I don't feel I need to be a slave to fashion in these things.

In response to your remarks, Obama did not run as a progressive and he did not promise to lead as a progressive. Basically, he came right out and said he'd do whatever we kept pressure on him to do. I give him credit for being more honest than most candidates in that.

The pressure to, for instance, pass real health care access reform, was clearly insufficient. I am irritated and cynical about this but have not yet worked up a head of steam sufficient to inspire me to blog about it. Instead, I blogged about random stupidity and alarm clocks.

Side rant - (Here I go again.) Can I just stop for a moment and say how very, very intensely it irritates me that the Democrats consistently allow the Republican Party to define the issues?

The question of access to affordable health care for everyone became entangled with health insurance company "reform and that's how we lost that one. If Republicans can't beat us on the actual issues, they change the terms of the debate. And the Democrats let them do it. Every. Single. Time.

It's stupid. Pisses me off.

/end rant

begin new rant Just--don't get me started, okay? It starts with education. If schools taught children to think then maybe we'd have more adults today who are capable of looking past sound bites on the evening news and headlines in the morning paper to find the truth about the issues and to be able to stop and consider the potential impact on their lives and their communities.

Half a generation of people wouldn't have let empty rhetoric and impossible scenarios misguide them into re-electing Reagan or voting for Bush Sr. And, certainly, the demonstrable idiocy of Bonehead would not, then, have passed unremarked. (I say nothing of Clinton--I didn't care for him as a candidate but in hindsight, I've decided he could have been worse.) (Clearly Republicans feared he could have been worse from their perspective--why else spend tens of millions of dollars and waste years trying to impeach the guy for getting a blow job? If nothing else, they successfully distracted his Administration enough to prevent much real change.)

The single most successful thing the Republican party has accomplished in the last thirty years is the brainwashing of the American public. We now have millions upon millions of voters who honestly believe that smart candidates are dangerous, that thinking about the issues is unnecessary, and that "being informed" means making sure you tune into FOX News regularly.

I have met, I have honestly met people who say they do want a President who is "just like me" or "a regular guy."

The fact that these people aren't smart enough to read or understand the fine print on their loan papers, need the assistance of three people and three months to get their taxes filed, and probably couldn't pass a written driving test if they had to take one, notwithstanding. They don't believe they're members of the intelligentsia, which is fine. But they also don't see any need for the President to be intelligent, which is not fine.

In this country, citizenship is required before you can vote. There are days, many of them, when I wish it was an IQ test instead. An Informed Quotient test. People would have to demonstrate that they understood more of the issues and the challenges facing us than they could have "learned" from a five-second story on the evening news (especially the distorted coverage often offered by FOX) or from the latest rightwingnut email blast.

There are smart and informed people in this country. Many of them are Republicans. I have long blogged that they should stand up and demand that their party pull back from the brink of insanity it's been teetering on for the last twenty years.

/end rant

You see? This is a tiny comment box and I no longer remember what I was going to say when I started to respond to your comment.

In the end, I blamed the Republicans and now I'm moving on with my life.

Posted by Anne at February 4, 2010 11:03 AM