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I have the same trouble with culinary adventures: a lot of the flavors that seem attractive are actually based on heavy to excessive sugar, layers of fats, etc.

Which may be why my experiments lately have been in the spicier direction. Which reminds me: time to figure out what I'm doing with the chicken...

Posted by Jonathan Dresner at March 30, 2015 03:34 PM

I love cooking with chicken--it's so easy!

Marinate it in italian dressing and then broil it.


Cook some rice in chicken stock with a small pinch of saffron. Meanwhile, mix some low-fat yogurt, salt & pepper, a pinch of saffron, and some garlic in a bowl. Toss with the chicken and let stand for 15 minutes (room temperature), then broil.

Aside from those (imperfect) memories of my favorite chicken recipes, I agree that I'm thinking more about spices these days. It's quite possible to add a lot of flavor without adding a lot of unwanted fats or sugars. It just takes me a lot of experimenting, since I'm not really that experienced with cooking. :)

I'm experimenting with balsamic vinegar at the moment, using it to roast vegetables. I've had some luck here and there....

Aside from that, for vegetables, I'm currently addicted to Penzey's Sunny Paris blend. It's also salt-free--but you'd never know it, by the taste. I shake it over baked potatoes or almost any kind of steamed vegetables.

Posted by Anne at March 31, 2015 09:52 AM