Comments: The United Nations

Jesse Helms, in one of his better-intentioned actions, launched a lengthy jihad against the bloated corruption and unaccountable spending of the UN bureaucracy. He took much abuse in the media for his efforts.

Helms succeeded in making a dent in the most egregious abuses because the UN secretariat wanted the US to start paying 25 % of the bills again. However, in the last analysis all that was achieved was some effort at self-restraint by the UN so as not to antagonize powerful critics in the US Congress. More or less, the UN is free to staff itself with intelligence operatives and career kleptocrats who are taking a break from looting their home countries.

Yes, in the field UN workers take great risks and do good works but these folks are not be confused with the top-heavy international bureaucrats who run the place in NY.

Posted by mark safranski at September 7, 2003 01:47 PM