Comments: Religion, gender, and politics

Quality post, as usual. I think what people miss about the free speech thing is yes, you can say whatever you want, but with the knowledge that you have to take responsibility for your words, so you have to be prepared to be scoffed at (hey, scoffing is free speech too!) and treated like a moron if you say something stupid.

Posted by Elayne Riggs at October 22, 2003 08:53 AM

Exactly. It's also kind of like the "shouting fire" thing. We've got free speech, but with the privilege comes the expectation that we'll bring a little intelligence to what we say.

And that goes double for people in positions of power. If you stand up and make an idiot out of yourself and offend a huge portion of the world's, much less the country's, population, you need to suck it up and accept that those offended are going to be exercising their free speech right to point out that you're a jackass.

(My, I'm in a bad mood today, aren't I? Sorry.)

The man should be removed from his position. There's no way any commission or committee he's sitting on that's tasked with evaluating and debating Muslim issues is going to be able to produce results that aren't viewed as tainted.

I just...maybe it's a hot button of mine or something (maybe?) but these public denunciations of entire sections of humanity based on what mythological superstition they choose to promote just make me crazy. Even a greedy lust to control the world's oil supply strikes me as a more sensible (although not necessarily more laudable) reason to diss, or even kill, a bunch of strangers. But then, I think it's clear to all of us by now that I just Do. Not. Get. Religion.

Posted by Anne at October 22, 2003 09:49 AM