Comments: Seven Stories

ad: civilize or die. I don't really want to take issue with the Guardian article with which I basically agreee but to place Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia at "Europes border" is really a reflection of British arrogance or, let me say, ignorance in an effort to be a bit kinder. They are, in fact, right in the middle of Europe and a failure there would be a blow to the whole European idea. This being said, the issues of each of those three entitites are entirely different from one another and must be approached accordingly. A small comment frame is unfortunately not the place to go into this in detail. But the idea is that if you just look at those people as some kind of troublemakers that you have to placate, you will fail. I see particularly Kosovo as a perpetual problem for future peace in the Balkan which is, after all, an important part of "Europe" even if there is only one country which is a member of the EU and one more that will become so next year.

BTW I saw some American TV-interviews with Madeleine Albright ('Daily News'). I never liked her policies but now when she is retired she seems great! And intelligent and funny! I will buy her book, for sure.

Posted by Bengt at October 23, 2003 12:24 PM