Comments: On the other hand

Slightly off topic here but why is it that the blatant censorship against the CBS Reagan series doesn't seem to interest American bloggers? Are you so used to this sort of thing that nobody can be bothered any more?

Even if the film would be bad, wrong and misleading the producers and broadcasters should be taken to task after the fact and not before it.

Or is my comment like "swearing in the church" as we say over here in "old" Europe? But some bloggers have been mildly critical even of Mother Theresa whom I should have thought were at least as sacrosanct as S:t Ronald ;-)

Posted by Bengt O. at November 2, 2003 04:14 AM

It's called, "screaming before you're hurt" and, yes, the idea that people will protest somethingn they've never seen and know little about is very common here in the USofA.

On the other hand, understand that "insiders" know a lot more about the content of something like this than the general public does. So if the Right is yelling, there's probably not a good depiction of Reagan in the show and they know it. Also, check out this or this for ideas on what the Right might have to be worried about in an honest story about the Reagan Administration.

Posted by Anne at November 3, 2003 09:53 AM