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February 09, 2004
Last week on our show....

I blogged previously (can't remember when) about the Right financing left-wing candidates for offices in order to split the vote on the Left. Looks like they're at it again, this time financing Sharpton. (Thanks to KC Johnson at Cliopatria.)

Is anyone giving me credit for restraint for not discussing Bush's (cough) appearance on Meet The Press this weekend? I mean, considering how much fodder for mockery he provided, I think I'm entitled to some acknowledgement of the control I'm exhibiting by not pointing out the fifty ways he demonstrated how unfit he is to hold his office. Check out Hellblazer for a Strafor article on "defending the indefensible."

I'm actually recommending you read something in the OpinionJournal. This is a shock to me. Anyhow. This column by Ray Bradbury is fascinating.

Now I really am going to a meeting.

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