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May 16, 2005
Mellow Monday

Who's been picking on ABC's The Note? They sound very defensive this morning.

The public relations field seems to suspect that labeling fake news as, well, "fake" will hurt them where it counts.

Speaking of news...well, really, Op-Ed, who knew progressives had a syndicator?

Today, Bill Moyers is The Man.

Exceptionally good news for some cancer patients.

And I know I mentioned the kerfuffle over Microsoft backing out of supporting the Gay Rights bill up north (I sill think the rationale they gave was logical), so in the good news department, Bill Gates just doubled the amount of money he's giving to fight some diseases.

Do you know the Piano Man

And remember when I said that the problem with the "sin tax" approach to healthcare was that once you opened that Pandora's Box, there'd be no end to it? Told you so.

And, speaking of sin, it looks like the new Pope's influence is already contaminating spreading in our society. (Although, to be honest, I agree with the guy quoted in the article. You know the Catholic Church is a repressive, bigoted institution. If you don't like it, leave. There seem to me to be a bazillion other churches, many of whom don't institutionalize bigotry and oppression. Join one of them if you feel you have to have a church. I really can't see the big deal.)

Base Closings Could Harm Pols. Duh..

New Jersey could lose three smaller facilities and see operations scaled back at two more - a net loss of some 3,700 jobs and added pressure for Democratic Sen. Jon Corzine, who is seeking the governorship in November. State Republicans were quick to blame Corzine for the New Jersey installations on the list.

Color me so surprised.


Lawmakers often complained in previous years that politics played a role as the Pentagon compiled its hit list. This year's lineup stands as an equal opportunity cause of political heartburn.

I thought I'd copy that quote, too. Just to be fair. And to keep the mellow going.

I don't know how I feel about the Democratic Party maybe changing their system for primaries. I'll have to wait until I read what more intelligent people think.

Looks like another White House cover-up in action. I read this story carefully and can't find where anyone is saying that the desecration of the Islamic holy book didn't happen.

Things aren't good in Uzbekistan, either, but apparently we're not supporting regime change there because of the oil...ummm...torture...ummm...well, I don't know. Maybe we're claiming the terrorist government is helping us fight terrorists or something.

And the situation in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate.

I don't even know who we are any more. Maybe I never did. I know I've suffered from a rose-colored-glasses view of this country in the past but the extent to which we fail to measure up to my expectations of us appalls me.

This is all harshing my mellow vibe, so I'm going to work.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:00 AM